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of enterprise revenues are digital


average annual growth of tech startups


VC capital perfor-mance since 2008

Startup investments –  
Challenging but attractive

Startup investments are challenging since:

  • The lack of transparency and high transaction costs prevent investors from investing quickly and effectively
  • The information asymmetry (= lack of investor information) makes it difficult for investors to assess startup viability & potential
  • The technical aspects of startups can be difficult to assess reliably and in depth

But startup investments also offer very attractive economics:

  • Successful startups grow at an average >60% per year (and faster in earlier years)
  • Venture Capital outperforms all other invest classes with an 11x value increase since 2008 and an annual value growth of >20%
  • The tech sector is outperforming other sectors due to its high scalability & agility. The top 5 most valuable companies are all tech companies. >40% of enterprise revenues are already digital

Read more about how to invest in startups here.

Benefits for investors –  
High returns, diversified risk

Lakeside offers investments in innovative, fast growing startups and latest technology trends that provide high returns in the context of a Switzerland based investment club:

  • Privileged access to latest technology trends and innovative, fast growing assets
  • Solid investment structure based on a Swiss AG and investment club structure
  • High return potential due to seed and early-stage investments and active growth support
  • Regular reporting on asset developments provides full transparency on invested funds
  • Reduced portfolio risk due to diversification, structured asset selection and active asset development

What we invest in –  
Innovation & technology

With Lakeside you invest in leading business and technology trends and innovations:

  • Digital megatrends such as ecommerce, AI & ML, IoT, cyber security, cloud & big data, 5G & connectivity, robotics, big data, VR & AR
  • Clean tech & sustainability – innovations for a more sustainable and circular economy (if they make economic sense) 
  • Medtech & healthy living – from food to healthcare businesses, supporting a modern, active and healthy lifestyle 
  • Disruptive & innovative business models – new and promising business models that drive change and challenge conventional wisdom (if they are realistic and economically promising) 
  • ??? – relevant new trends that we are only about to discover …

Where we invest –  
Made in Europe

Lakeside is open to invest in promising startups globally but due to our own location and heritage the core of our investment activity is centered in central EU (DACH). Central EU is a particularly fertile ground for startup investments due to a high potential for innovation, a tradition of world-class engineering and a vital need for venture capital:

  • In the heart of Europe – large, central market, economically strong with high innovation potential
  • Regional focus – we invest in startups in and across all regions, not only focused on the known startup hubs 
  • Strong funding needs: Funding is one of the main startup challenges with 78% of startups lacking sufficient funding. The funding gap is especially dire during the seed and early stages of a startup
  • Germany and continental EU are catching up to the UK as prime startup locations. E.g. Berlin now is the 2nd biggest startup hub in the EU

When we invest –  
Great idea, early stage

Lakeside is focused on startup and early growth stage investments to capture the extraordinary value creation opportunities during the transition from startup to profitable business operations. This is the phase when growth accelerates and where value creation (in %) is taking off.

  • Lakeside can invest already during the seed and early stage of a startup but we expect to see:
    • A product or service that is customer ready and shows indications of a good product-market-fit
    • Initial customer traction has been established and the business shows early signs of rapid scaling
    • Unit economics are solid and allow for profitable growth
    • The team is demonstrating a rapid learning curve and is well equipped to scale
  • During this phase startups are typically still burning money and starved for funding. Therefore attractive valuations are still achievable
  • Through financial & entrepreneurial support we develop our portfolio companies into self-reliant, profitable businesses and/or to exit readiness


How we source – Broad network, focused screening

Our selection approach combines early & broad sourcing and a disciplined qualitative & quantitative screening to find the right fit:

  • We source through:
    • A broad network of business angels, accelerators & events 
    • Several hundreds of direct contacts to industry experts, founders & investors
  • We screen potential invest opportunities through:
    • A „head-to-toe“ potential assessment (check our startup page for more details on our 10-point scheme)
    • And expect a 100/10 scaling capability (>100% revenue growth/yr, >10x business scalability) 
  • We decide with an entrepreneurial spirit, a pragmatic attitude and a clear return expectation

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