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Startup investments explained – plain & simple

What is a startup? How to find attractive startup investment opportunities? What is a business angel and what is a venture capital investor? How does a startup investment work? How much money do I need to invest and what return can I expect? What risks do I have to consider?

We have compiled easy-to-understand answers to these and similar questions about startup investments for you. 


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Legal resources 
for startup investments

Do you need to draft the terms for an investment round? Or do you want to establish a VSOP program? We have collected a set of legal resources to make your life a little easier (including free template downloads): 


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How to create a compelling pitch deck? 

Finding the right investors for your startup is not an easy task. Most of the time the investor engagement starts with a pitchdeck that is telling your story in a clear and crisp way and opens the door for a personal investor discussion. To make the task of creating a pitchdeck a little less daunting we have compiled the Lakeside Pitchdeck Primer, a collection of pitch deck best-practices to provide you with a running start.


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