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We invest in rapidly growing seed & early-stage companies with a vision and the grit to make it happen. We support our startups as entrepreneur investors, offering funding, experience and network contacts to boost growth and deliver attractive returns to founders & investors.


of startups face liquidity challenges


of founders‘ time is spent on securing funding


of startups do not have access to VC funding

Great choice for startups – no-nonsense investments

Lakeside offers fast & dependable growth funding for innovative and scalable seed and early-stage startups:

  • Access to funding of typically 30 – 200k€ with the opportunity for follow-up investments across a multiple year funding period
  • An entrepreneurial mindset. Investors that have backbone and don‘t think they know better
  • A fast and agile response and a quick, no-nonsense investment decision process
  • A growth companion that offers executive level business experience and a broad network to solve issues and accelerate growth
  • Developing early-stage businesses into profitable businesses or to exit readiness


For Startups

For investors – invest in growth and innovation

Lakeside is investing in innovative, fast growing startups to realize high growth and attractive returns :

  • Access to latest business & technology trends and innovative, fast growing assets
  • High return potential due to seed and early-stage investments with high growth potential (>10x value, >100% yearly growth)
  • A proven investment approach with very few drop outs (< 10% over a 5 year period)
  • Invest opportunities tailored to your needs – we are selective and adaptive to offer a unique investment experience
  • Reduced portfolio risk due to double investment strategy in stocks & startups, structured asset selection and a high share of follow-up investments


For investors

eQ + iQ + Tech = high-growth, scalable startups

We invest with passion & perspective:


  • We think and act as entrepreneurs. We have founded and led businesses ourselves and know the ups & downs of a startup
  • We seek entrepreneurs to partner with. Entrepreneurs with a vision and the capability & grit to make it happen


  • We believe that investors should act as investors – to provide money, expertise and support to make your business grow and prosper
  • We do not think we know better how to run your business. We do not need to know and control every aspect of your business
  • We invest to jointly grow your business and realize an attractive return on our invested capital


  • We seek and invest in innovative businesses that leverage technology to provide superior customer value
  • We favor digitally enabled business models that are built to scale and disrupt
  • We work with a network of digital & technology partners to find the best solutions to support bold business ideas

How we work – 
a 360° startup evaluation

The best investments are made when the heart and the head are in alignment. We evaluate opportunities in a fast and structured investment process:

  • We employ a 10-point potential assessment methodology for a head to toe evaluation: a great idea, a strong team to pull it off and the necessary capabilities to offer unique and lasting value to the customer
  • We typically invest during the seed or early stage: startups with a customer-ready offering, early indications of a good product-market-fit, solid unit economics and early signs of rapid scaling
  • We follow a professional & speedy investment process and make value-based investment decisions. We aim to provide initial feedback within 1 week and are prepared to make invest decision within 2-4 weeks


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    Unmatched clarity of thinking and entrepreneurial spirit. Rare combination. A major asset for any founder. Founders need more of this kind.

    Melikshah Uenver, Founder Taledo

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    Lakeside has a quick decision process with clear criteria and an ability to invest in follow-on rounds. It is drawing on extensive experience and is supportive with advice across a broad range of topics.

    Edward Postnikov, Founder Deutsche Fensterbau

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